First day of the camp

♦  Please sign in at the assigned class as indicated on the 2018 Wisdom Summer Camp Notification email to obtain the uniforms and the required information package from our staff.
Basic Preparation:
♦  Uniform must be worn daily. Shoes must cover the toes and be easy for walking and running.
♦  Every child must have a bottle of drinking water (disposable) and a snack in a sealed or zipped bag (doesn’t need to be refrigerated; the snack time will be 3:45pm). We will put a name sticker on his or her water bottle and snack for identification.
♦  Since it is a hot summer, please apply sunscreen lotion to your child before class to prevent sunburn and remind your child to drink plenty of water.
♦  All children must wear his/her nametag when they are in the camp. He or she must return the nametag to their TA at the end of every day with the exception of the last day.
Arrival and Pickup
♦  08:30-09:00 arrival time
♦  For safety concerns, do not drop your child off before 8:30am
♦  Students must come on time to avoid any disruption to classes.
♦  If your child must leave early, please write down the pickup time on the sign-in sheet in the morning.
      (If flexible, please try to pick up your child at one of the following times: 10:30, 12:00, 14:15, 15:45)
♦  For legal purposes and because of safety concerns, parents have to personally sign in and out for their children everyday.
♦  If the class is in session when you enter the camp to pick up your child, please wait outside until the class has been dismissed. 
♦  If someone else is picking up your child, please notify the camp ahead of time. For safety reasons, the camp has the right to not release the child.
Illness and Accident Handling:
♦  If your child has any symptom of a cold, chicken pox, skin rash, fever or any kind of contagious illness, please keep your child at home to rest and notify the school of his or her absence.
♦  If your child has any symptom of illness at camp, our staff will notify the parent or the emergency contact person as indicated on the application form to take the child home.
♦  If your child requires any medication attention that is prescribed by the doctor, please let the on-duty teacher know in the morning and provide all the detailed instructions. WCEO summer camps will not accept any medication that is not prescribed by a medical doctor.
♦  In case of an emergency or accident, this camp will notify you and your family doctor. If necessary, we will send your child to the hospital directly.
Handling Misbehaving Students:
♦  Explain the camp rules and separate the student from the class. Once the student has calmed down, he or she will be allowed to return to class or to go to another on-duty teacher for guidance. If the student does not improve his or her attitude, we will ask parents to take the student home for the day.
♦  If the student has a persistent behavioral problem, our camp leader will contact the parents and meet face-to-face to discuss the child and explore ways for improvement.
♦  If all above actions have been taken and the student still has not improved his or her behavior, this camp will consider refraining the student from returning to class and will inform the parents immediately of the summer camp termination process. The camp will refund fees for the remainder of the camp.
♦  If a child damages any property of the camp or campus, his or her parents will be responsible for the repair or replacement fee.
Uniform and Backpack:
♦  Students have to wear uniforms to camp everyday. Every child has two uniforms. Due to the large quantity of t-shirts and the timing issues with the manufacture, the size of the uniform may not be unique. If the size is too big for your child, please trim it yourself. Students do not need to bring a backpack or stationery. We will provide all classroom materials.
Camp Related Information:
♦  This camp reserves the right to make changes to class arrangements. If changes are required, we will notify parents.
♦  On Friday, children will take home all the projects and materials that they have completed during the week.
♦  Please write your child’s entire name on their belongings. This camp is not responsible for missing items. You may check our “lost and found box” in the camp if your child lost anything. After two weeks, we will donate all unclaimed items to charity.
♦  For our students’ safety and quality of education, there will be no interruptions allowed during class. If you would like to visit your child’s class, please contact our staff.
♦  No English to Chinese translation provided for LAF Summer Camp.