The Chinese Folk Arts Summer camp, which we have hosted for over twenty years, aims to help children develop cultural awareness and heighten their knowledge of global communities through interactive lessons and activities. We use the liveliest, most engaging methods to introduce children to this wealth of culture.Your child will get the chance to use their hands and perform on stage, and they will begin to develop skills and abilities invaluable in helping them become a well-rounded individual. Our goal is to provide a safe, educational, and fun environment where children can learn to appreciate Chinese culture without leaving America.


Learning Chinese language and culture has become increasingly popular and it has much to share.  Chinese culture is one of the longest standing societies in the world and also one of the oldest civilizations that has a rich and ancient history. Chinese philosophy, art, and science greatly affected the development of the western world; and it continues to be an influential power even today. Though our children live half a world away, they have every reason to learn about their cultural heritage, to be proud of their roots, and to be inspired by China’s many traditions and help keep them alive.