EASY LEAP Overseas Youth Volunteer Program - Connexpedition is a program initiated by WCEO in 2011 to give Chinese-American young adults an opportunity of service learning combined with leadership growth and cultural exchange. This summer, 6/27/2019-7/13/2019, we will be hosting the Easy Leap Program in New Taipei City, Taiwan. If you are interested in service and volunteering, have an enthusiasm for education, and have intermediate Chinese listening and speaking skills, consider joining us! 
For more detailed information, please refer to www.connexpedition.com, email connexpedition@wceo.org, or call 510-252-9226.

海外青年志工英語輔學計畫 - 輕鬆學習,超越自我!海外青年志工英語輔學計畫」由新北市政府教育局主辦,美國舊金山灣區慧智文教基金會承辦,希望藉由美國地區華裔菁英青年志工返台服務,讓新北市學生在體驗美國文化的沉浸式學下,啟發英語學習的無限潛力。目前報名已經展開,招募對象為灣區9-12年級高中生,具有基本的中文聽、說能力。服務結束後,慧智文教基金會也將協助志工們申請美國青少年總統服務獎章 ( President's Volunteer Service Award),在肯定其付出的同時,也讓他們在申請大學或職場上更具競爭優勢。
暑假服務日期為 6/27/2019-7/13/2019,詳細資料請參考 www.connexpedition.com, 或 email 至 connexpedition@wceo.org,或電 510-252-9226.