Youth Community Service registration will start on March 5th, 2017 as scheduled times listed below:


Palo Alto
San Mateo/Foster City

10:00 am

Cupertino (all 3 camps)

11:00 am

Please check here for more details. Questions? Facebook or


Each volunteer can only use one account to enter the registration system, if the volunteer uses more than one account to enter the registration system, it will be disqualified.


中華兒童文藝陶冶營 - 將于三月一日開放報名

Chinese Folk Arts Summer Camp registration will start on March 1st, 2017


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愛心二手書捐贈計畫 –

慧智文教基金會目前正在籌集 200箱英文圖書(一年級到六年程度),期望捐贈給新北市各中小學的圖書館,讓想要學習英文的學生們有更多的資源可使用。若您家裡有用不到的二手書,歡迎捐贈,共襄盛舉,讓更多的孩子受益。

Wisdom office at 44599 S. Grimmer Blvd. Fremont on Mon-Fri from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

CHILDREN’S BOOK DRIVE - The New Taipei City Department of Education is very grateful for the English education our volunteers provided for their students last summer. They would like to continue these students' English learning, but are lacking a collection of English literature in their school libraries. Wisdom would like to assist in growing their book collection by donating over 1000 books, since English books are very expensive to purchase in Taiwan. We are requesting your help to donate children's books to NTPC schools to benefit your students and their classmates. Any amount of books would be helpful!

Reading level:  grade 1 to 6
Drop off location: Wisdom office at 44599 S. Grimmer Blvd. Fremont on Mon-Fri from 9:00am to 4:30pm.